Who Are We?

Deilin was formed by Anne Marie and Kieran way back in the early noughties. Originally a 3 piece playing a mixture of indie and classic rock with a distinct traditional flavour (sets would juxtapose the likes of Come as You Are by Nirvana with Dirty Old Town by The Pogues), 2006 saw John come on board. Through the boom an array of talented musicians came, and went, as musicians do, and the band were in great demand across the island.

Travel and work commitments meant the trio of Kieran, Anne Marie and John had many side-projects and diversions, but Deilin continued to evolve quietly, extending its range to include more jazz and swing, greatly influenced by the revolving cast of fine instrumentalists who would lend their talents as required. The introduction of Dave on guitar meant that the band now had a solid, consistent and dependable core quartet that could casually and adeptly pivot between 60’s classics and Guns n’ Roses, without missing a beat.

Now, we’re ready to fill our calendar and are prepared to travel anywhere in the Leinster region to provide the perfect soundtrack for your perfect day. We’ll even go further afield if you think we might be the floor-filling sound you are looking for.

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